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Skyline Silves


A prosperous Moorish settlement that was called Xelb in Arabic.
Nowadays Silves is mainly known for the export of citrus fruits and the cork production.
The castle of Silves is the most beautiful monument of Muslim rule in the Algarve.
Also prominent is the Sé, or cathedral, from the 13th century.

Market Silves In the daily covered market, Mercado Municipal, you will find fresh vegetables, meat, fish, herbs and all kinds of local products. Every Saturday morning there is also an outdoor market with fresh products.

Every year in the 2nd week of August, Silves returns to his former medieval splendor. The historic center turns into a huge souk (Arab market). Here you can enjoy colorful processions, live music, street theater, knight games and many more.

Salade Silves offers numerous terraces and restaurants to enjoy Portuguese kitchen.

Algarve sinaasappels Did you know that Silves region is THE orange region of Portugal?
70% of the oranges produced in Portugal come from the Silves region.
The annual production is 175,000 ~ 200,000 tons.

Silves by night
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